Monday, November 28, 2011

Society of Illustrators

I was fortunate enough this year to get to participate in the Society of Illustrators competition this year as a judge for the "Book" category, as well as to have two pieces selected for inclusion in the annual.
The first piece is a personal drawing in graphite, ink, and watercolor called "Fighter." It's in the "unpublished" category.
This second piece was done for a Runner's World feature, and is called "Because it's Steep." I blogged about this one previously, here.


Dylan Forman said...

Woo Lesnar.

Rafael Sarmento said...

The "Fighter" piece is incredibly honest and powerfull. This is all that an illustrator should want to achieve (well, beside paying he bills). Thanks for the inspiration man!

Pollock said...

i like your job ! you are a very great artist.

Tororo said...

"Fighter" is such an amazingly powerful piece. It's great it will appear in the annual!