Thursday, January 12, 2012

3rd from Last Unicorn

From July 2010 until about June 2011, I tried an experiment: No internet in the studio. The results of this were mixed -- for one, I had no distractions from my work, but for another, things like checking email and blogging new work became a hassle.

Consequently, I didn't do much blogging during that time. And so it happens that every once in a while, I realize that a piece I did during the internet dark ages is actually pretty good, and should probably be posted on the blog.

Such is the case with the Last Unicorn covers #4-6.

Today, I'm posting the 4th cover in the series, along with the drawing. I'll post the other two in the next few weeks, as well.

Take care,



dorobo said...

Awesome cover! internet dark ages eh? good idea. I wish I could do that to my self :)

Rendez said...

Really nice job in this cover Frank! Question though: why did you decide to obscure the bull so much in the final? The thumbnail sketch reads pretty quickly. I like both versions, I was just wondering about your thought process for that decision. In my own work I've been trying to work with the idea of "how much do I want to give away, and how much do I want the audience to work for it?"

Avalon said...

I stumbled across this piece on Tumblr the other day and tracked it back to this blog because it's possibly the most beautiful artistic rendering of that book I've ever seen. I adore that novel so much. Do you sell prints? Because I want a print. I want a print in my house, like, yesterday.