Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Unicorn 5th Cover

This is the 5th of 6 Last Unicorn covers I did for IDW back in 2010.

If you look closely, the composition looks like the head of the Red Bull, complete with smoke coming out of his nostrils.

When I finished this cover, there was some mild controversy with the publisher over the nudity. Originally, I was under the impression that this cover never ran, but I recently came across someone selling an issue on Ebay (I don't have a copy of the issue).

I also included my version of the king based on how I interpreted him from reading the book. It's unofficial, but I like him better that way.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy! There's only one cover left in the series.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

3rd from Last Unicorn

From July 2010 until about June 2011, I tried an experiment: No internet in the studio. The results of this were mixed -- for one, I had no distractions from my work, but for another, things like checking email and blogging new work became a hassle.

Consequently, I didn't do much blogging during that time. And so it happens that every once in a while, I realize that a piece I did during the internet dark ages is actually pretty good, and should probably be posted on the blog.

Such is the case with the Last Unicorn covers #4-6.

Today, I'm posting the 4th cover in the series, along with the drawing. I'll post the other two in the next few weeks, as well.

Take care,